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Do you remember the time when you wanted to buy something and the only way of doing that was by stepping out of the comfort of your home, traveling to the shop and getting it?

 So much has changed since then. Anything that you want is a click away and literally, at your doorstep, thanks to the excellent website and mobile app ecosystem, e-commerce platforms have come up with. The disruption caused by e-commerce is large because it makes shopping a seamless experience.

 How many of you prefer e-commerce websites or mobile apps over the retail shops in the market to make a purchase? With the advancement in technology, mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps have emerged as the primary choice of customers since they have a user-friendly interface. This is the reason why many businesses and organizations rely on the e-commerce website or mobile apps for reaching to their customers. Now let us shift focus to something that is a big part of the e-commerce industry which is mobile application development. According to official Google statements, more than 50% of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. This tells us something very important, that Mobile App development does require a significant investment in terms of time and money. Well, the investment in terms of money depends on how you optimize costs. Most people think that the more the website costs, the better it turns out to be. Now, this is both right and wrong. Though it is important to spend on developing your website because whether you accept it or not, it is an integral part of your identity. Someone who has not met with you in person would develop an opinion based on your website. So, yes, it is important to get it done from professionals, but every smart businessman knows that optimizing costs is the way to go when it comes to running businesses.

Looking to optimize your website and app development costs? Read till the end for a solution!

 Since so many people make an online search on their mobile, apps are also in great demand these days. Business individuals are using these applications to facilitate seamless and optional functioning of business and promotion of products and services. People are spending a lot of time online these days and know when they are looking at stock images and the same web page design, they have seen in 50 other places. Using a non-custom design for your site makes a bad impression on the mind of the users. This non-customized design will reduce the number of engagements you can get from your website. In many cases, a custom website can save you money over a template site — by going with a canned website design package, you may end up paying for functionality you do not need. We will talk in detail what web and app development courses won't teach you.

 Let’s start with website development. Like we mentioned, your website is your first impression. Given how easy it is to search for things these days, chances are your customers will first look you up online. So, however traditional or modern your business might be, your potential new customer will look at your website in this day and age. Let us begin with what your ideal website should have in order to compete with others of your like.

Elements Of A Good Website

·         User-Friendly Website Navigation. User-friendly navigation is the key to a good website. One might be offering the best product or service in the market or rather the world, nevertheless, it would be of no use, if your visitors or customers are not able to locate them. The website layout needs to be simple and reasonably organized. Additionally, a prominent search and navigation tabs should be placed on top of each web page. The links to all the main pages of your website should be present on the navigation tab. 

·         Design and Layout. The design and layout are very important for websites today more than ever because of one simple fact which is, once a potential customer comes or lands on your page, it takes only 50 seconds for them to decide whether they want to leave or stay on your website. The design of the website must be in line with the branding strategy so that as soon as a visitor comes on your website; they should be able to understand your company and what you stand for, immediately. 

·         Responsive Design. Over the past few years, the rapid rise in the number of mobile phone users has surpassed computer users. With the growing technology, the internet is now more accessible than ever on larger devices such as TVs.
In order to capitalize on these growing market segments, it is important that your website’s design is responsive towards all types of devices and screen spaces because now you don’t know where your next customer might be looking at you from.  Responsive designs go a long way because it is something that catches the eye of someone who might not be interested in your content also. Thus, a good design helps companies reduce their bounce rate which eventually leads to better SEO for them.

·         Content Writing. The content of your website is its heartbeat. Since the website provides important details regarding your company and its services and everything you stand for, which is your values, mission, vision, etc it’s important to develop an impactful website and in order to ensure that the web content has to be in line with the company’s brand strategy. It requires rigorous market research to identify and find terminologies and words which can be used by the target audience to search for specific services or products. Now how can you do that? Read our blog on SEO to find out.   

·         Call to Action. It is important that your website is equipped with the necessary tools to initiate a Call to Action or commonly known as CTA.
It is important to guide visitors towards activities that are important to you, for example, online purchase, subscribing to your newsletter, promotional emails, or availing discounts. Eventually, you want your potential customers to act on something so that it eventually gives you revenue. The website that you have spent so much on in terms of time and money becomes insignificant if it does not lead to an action.

·         Testimonials. With growing competition in the digital domain, one of the most important things on your website is a testimonial section. The testimonial section showcases the comments or appreciation of satisfied customers which gives your work credibility along with the website. Testimonials and reviews or comments make new visitors and your potential customers feel comforted and a lot more confident about purchasing on your website if it is an e-commerce platform or else your desired CTA.
Where you place them is your choice completely. You can put them on the home page itself or you can have a separate section for it so visitors can view them on landing.

·         Story Telling. There is nothing that a good story cannot do. The biggest brands in the world rely on storytelling as a means to build brand loyalty. Multiple studies suggest that people connect to stories. Thus, for your customers to connect to your brand, it is crucial that the customers know your story. Now how does one do that? The best way of doing that is by having an “About Us” section or “Our Story” on your website that tells the story of your brand, company and/or employees so that your customers relate to it.
This helps in adding a personal touch to the website and making a good impression on your visitors.

·         Contact Information. Last but not the least, it is important that your website displays detailed information about how and where to contact you on your website. Make sure that it is prominent.
At the end of the day, what you want is for your potential customers to come to you and make a purchase or at least get in touch with you so you can take things forward from there.


When you’re working with your web and mobile app development companies it’s important that you keep these points in mind so that you have your dream website. Now, what’s next? Once you have your website ready the next step is working on your mobile application.

Earlier, we had stated how important it is to be mobile-friendly and an app is important to be mobile-friendly.

So yes, app development is important for in the digital age that is what some of the best mobile app developers have to say. However, you should only start working on the app when you have a good website with you. So, the app development should be on your agenda only once your website is up and running and you want to take your digital strategy a step forward.

Now that we have talked about the website at length, let's understand what you need to do when you’re working on developing your mobile app

Tips To Develop Your Mobile App

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. Do you remember the pre-smartphone era? The time when mobile phones were used to only make and receive calls and at the most send and receive text messages Let's talk about what tips the top mobile application development companies in the world have for you:

·         Understanding the needs of your customer. Needless to say, your app is of little use if doesn’t solve a need your customer has. If it cannot make their experience better, it is a waste of resources. You must only venture into developing an app when you are sure you understand what your customer wants. 

·         Developing a prototype. To get things started, it is important to first know what you want and then get it made to see how it looks.
What might sound good in your head might not look particularly good on the screen, so it is important to develop a prototype.

·         Building a strategy. The strategy is an important part of everything that goes right for you. So, it is important to know what you are expecting out of the app. You need to have a thought process for both your long term and short-term goal with the app. 

·         Creating designs and layouts. Like with the website, the design of the website, it’s important that your app has a good design because let’s face it, it doesn’t take long to delete an app and those ratings and reviews could do you a great deal of good. 

·         Testing the application. Hardly anyone gets it right the first time. So, it is important that you have it tested again and again and then again so once it goes live, it is making head turns to your app. You need to ensure there are as little bugs as possible because no one likes a sloppy app.


We know that it looks easy when you read but the ground reality is that a professional touch will give you rewards that are unmatched.

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