3 Reasons Why People Like Augmented Reality In Ecommerce

Augmented Reality (AR) is poised to be subsequent new thing for e-commerce stores, making this an ideal time to jump on the wave before it breaks. For starters, AR tech is usually for mobile devices, and everyone knows how mobile e-commerce is growing in leaps and bounds. The numbers for mobile e-commerce sites and apps are increasing, which suggests more usage of conversion-oriented tools like AR. Considering that augmented reality minimizes the physical limitations of e-commerce — online shopping’s biggest drawback — it is sensible that customers and retailers are willing to see its adaptation.

On a psychological level, customers have an increased sense of ownership with AR technology even more than actual stores because they can see the placement of product in their own homes before they make the decision to buy. Imagine how it will impact the rate of conversion if a customer decides where they might place your product before deciding whether to buy or not.

How Does AR revolutionize e-commerce?

Tangible products are a serious portion to increasing rate of e-commerce sales. Still, e-commerce innovators across the world are striving hard to beat the most important psychological barrier that buyers face while buying products online. An unimaginable amount of sales is lost or delayed due to the shopper’s inability to evaluate and envision the sense of using the product. Augmented reality bridges this gap by helping users visualize the products they are considering, within the context of the physical space, it is a serious boost to getting e-shoppers to feel comfortable and hooked into a possible purchase.

Advantages of Augmented Reality in E-commerce:

1. Engaging Customer Experience:

Augmented reality grants customers who typically shop online the chance to look at the product within the model of AR by interacting as if they were visiting a physical store. This provides the buyers a far better feel of the product and the way it fits into their lives. According to the reports, 70% of consumers said they might shop with a web retailer more frequently if they offered AR.

2. Customized Shopping:

Most buyers wish to explore numerous choices and preferences before making a purchase. With AR eCommerce, customers can now experience this virtually from the comfort of their homes. Customizations involving colors, designs, patterns, and far more are often explored with augmented reality with the utilization of an app.

3. Shopping Time and Testing:

Today, most online stores offer instructional videos on several products to assist customers to understand the product. With augmented reality not only can they interact with the product, but they can also explore its functionalities. Typically, an online shopper spends roughly 2 mins before making a purchase decision, but with an AR eCommerce experience, that dwell time increases so does the chance of them completing a sale.

As online retail seeks to enhance its conversion rates and boost more revenue, the advantages of augmented reality cannot be overstated. Augmented reality offers various businesses the prospect to make a more interactive shopping experience with their customers because it offers them the chance to virtually try the product they need to buy.


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