Top 5 Free SEO Tools To Gain Skyrocketing Traffic

In the 21st century where online spaces have become a battleground for attracting more and more traffic, search engines have an indispensable role to play.

It is estimated that 93% of the entire internet experiences begin with a search engine thus, asserting the absolute need for optimization of a website.


As the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) grows each passing moment, the tools for SEO seem to grow with the same rate. The tools for SEO not only save time from repetitive tasks but also provide an in-depth analysis of the website’s SEO metrics.

Many tools also point and highlight the core issues with the website in question and also suggest the probable solutions.

SEO tools are available both for free and at massive charges which are hard to afford for small and medium businesses.

Tech Faktory brings a list of 5 free SEO tools that have proven to boost traffic on websites and in turn added to the profits of the business.

  1. Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console is a collection of multiple tools and services that attempt to help the SEO professionals to monitor and improve their rankings in the Google searches. The console’s website mentions that “Your recipes, jobs, or other structured data can appear as rich results on Google Search.”

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Central and then Google Webmaster Tools, the collection of tools received its current name in 2015.

Features: Data and information about search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, crawl data along with testing and improving the website’s mobile usability with customized reports.It also provides additional services to check the security issues in a website.

  1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest has been acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel from Google and has significantly worked on the concept to deliver results. The firm states that “Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.”

Features: The tool generates a list of keywords which is typically based on the results that have been helping others in the same sector and on the sheer fact that what people have been typing and searching for on google.

  1. Panguin Tool

The Panguin tool helps to earn more views by showing the SEO professionals the impacts and effects of all Google algorithm updates on a website. Experts often assert the importance of knowledge about the previous reasons for fewer views, which is exactly what the penguin tool intends to uncover.

Features: Apart from displaying the full details of a website’s past ranking, it also shows the website’s organic visibility on particular search engines and offers free services to encrypt pages. The tool also generates alerts in the case of any malware attack, thereby protecting data from being stolen.

  1. Seobility

The cloud-based SEO tools at Seobility audit a website to generate the SEO problems ranging from slow-loading pages to Technical SEO issues. The tool’s website states that “Seobility checks your complete website, by crawling all linked pages. All found pages with errors, problems with the on-page optimization or problems regarding the page content like duplicate content are collected and displayed in each check section. Of course, you can also analyze all problems of a single page in our page browser.”

Features: The content report from the tool stands unmatched as such reports are mostly offered at lavish prices. Other than the report, the tool also provides Google rank tracking for 180+ countries, backlink monitoring and link building tools and SEO Content Creation Tools w/ TF-IDF formula.

  1. Browseo

Packed with a unique speciality that makes it possible to see any website like a search engine, the tool had created a buzz in the SEO world. The founder of Moz, a giant firm at SEO management had said that “Browseo fills a crucial need; seeing the web like an engine.”

Features: Along with its master feature of an X-ray vision into a website, the tool provides a SERP Preview that deems itself useful when figuring out if the title and description tag fall in the category of SEO-friendly which in turn generates more organic views.

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