6 Steps To Ace The Lead Management Funnel

LEAD is not only a word but a very valuable process of converting a potential customer to a customer itself or one can say it is a systematic approach to generate leads. It is a complete system to filter those prospects who are of incalculable value from the entire pool of prospects and if done appropriately, your outcome will be exquisite. When stepping into this boundary of generating leads keep yourself uptight as it is an essential step that can get you customers who will be paying for your products and services.

The basic steps involved in lead management funnel are as follows:

Awareness and acquaintance:

The first phase of the lead generation process enables the organization to generate a large amount of customer traffic on its website, depending on how efficient its marketing is. The main motive is to spread awareness by different means like social media, word of mouth, content marketing, and many more like these. Some things are very important to keep in mind in this process. One of them being, the customers should not be given to fill forms on their initial stages as this could scare them away and choke the funnel.

All Names:

The second phase comprises of stocking up the databases with related information of the customers. Though these names are not yet final but can be considered as the results drained down the funnel from the first phase. To transform your customer into the lead, you need to create a page that explains the reason for a client to download it. Highlight your download button to attract the attention of the clients.

E-mail follow up:

In this phase, you have rehabilitated your prospective client onto your e-mail list. Now your key task is to follow up via e-mails. Minimum three e-mails should be circulated among your leads to keep them posted.  One of the important tasks that the e-mail should fulfill is that it should contain a link that takes the reader to the website and the offers provided.

Create a service page with a call-to-action and contact/booking form:

The service page is the place where all the action happens. So it is important to make it interesting with all the information supplied. You can add some brief content before the service page is accessed which creates a positive approach towards the page and the offers. This content can be in any form, may it be in the form of a pdf file, webinar, or an article, etc… Now your service page should contain a few significant components such as contact/booking form, your call-to-action, and your contact details which nurtures the trust among the clients.

Funnel Tracking:

Before activating your system, make sure to keep your tracking system up to date. The tracking system fills you with the following information:

  • Number of people visited on your service page
  • Number of people who selected to get into a lead magnet
  • Number of people who clicked on the sales page
  • Number of people who booked a consultation

Traffic Increase:

Now since all the things are put in place, it is time for you to take off. To increase the traffic on your page start running ads on platforms like Instagram, Face book, Google AdWords. Since social media is one of the best ways to escalate your reach in the market, take full advantage of it. Make sure to link all the ads to your main service page and to your offers to boost your traffic.

"By far the most efficient approach to deal with your leads is always to use a process that automatically brands you, supplies worth to your prospects, follows up with them, and sorts out the uninterested people."- MLM Generation

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