5 mistakes in Instagram Marketing one should avoid

Instagram marketing is one of those spell-bounding tools that can attract more audience than expected. They have the knack of expressing brands in visuals and content, creatively seeking all the obligations and going beyond them to produce better results. Instagram has a reach of about 300 million people or maybe more and has provided every entrepreneur, brand, person a platform to connect them with the target audience all over the world.

It is quite a worthy platform but the only drawback lies in this is when people tend to not take a few dimensions of it seriously not realizing the worth of it. If one wants to where the best hat they need to avoid these and immediately act positively on them.

  1. Users engagement:

When commencing marketing online one needs to know they will be getting in touch with a variety of audiences who will be their followers as well as fans. The only major thing that lies here is people processing the Instagram pages do not realize the worth of responding and communicating with their users. Responding to the comments will help you gain that goodwill and trust from the other side booming your reputation. According to research 50 or more comments can direct your page to google listing you in user favorable pages. More the visibility, the more the followers you gain, and the more your business will be in the eyes of the audience.

  1. Goal-oriented:

It is essential to have a goal may it be any platform. Working blindly will not help you reach anywhere. If you think making videos and posting photos without a plan will uplift your reach, my friend you are wrong. You need to have a goal and work towards that with a proper strategy so that it turns out to be a success. For example: if you are willing to highlight your brand on the social media platform make sure to focus on images without overlooking other aspects.

  1. Personal to a business account:

The one deadly mistake one can make that will cost them the fall of followers and engagement on their posts is keeping the account private. If a person or a business is willing to rise their page and make them approachable to tons of people in a bigger area you need to provide everyone the visibility. Instagram has this special feature on the page itself which says “Edit your profile” wherein you can go make changes as per your needs. It is essential to make your content publicly accessible to increase traffic.

  1. Links visibility on bio:

Instagram provides so many ways to boost your business and page one just needs to be aware of all those features. It is a blessing as we know social media is becoming the pillar of every market. To drive in double the traffic you are already getting add a website or blog link in your bio wherever you are expecting the light to shine brighter. This activity can additionally help you as a bonus for a hike in your business. Do not ignore this characteristic as the importance of it is at the par level as according to a research Instagram generates 1.2 billion likes per day and more than 1000 comments per second. Therefore it is important to put it into action as soon as possible.

  1. Hashtags:


Hashtags are one of the most important but most underestimated tools. It is essential to post the right hashtags at the right place as this is the key to get higher reach on your post and page as well. Wrong hashtags can mislead your posts and will be a real waste of time.

Instagram marketing isn’t that tough if done correctly!


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