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What is this Free Social Analysis

There are many moving parts to social media today. Moving parts can get overwhelming and this is where many people who don’t have a process realize how tough it is to make social media work.

If you’re new to social media, the need for a Social Analysis of your business is even greater. It’s easy to overlook many factors for any reason and keep pushing in the wrong direction and keep spending money and not optimize the spending. It is also easy to undervalue the importance of social media for your business.

This free analysis takes a thorough look at your company’s existing social media presence. The discoveries may provide actionable feedback that helps engage more customers.

This report will help you to

  • Provide feedback about your content with insights into what to modify and why.
  • Find out exactly why your social media isn’t converting.
  • Uncover opportunities to generate leads through social platforms.
  • Learn how you stack up against your competitors.
  • Understand why you are losing people in your social sales funnel

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Post 2017 there have been tremendous changes in how the social media platforms handle their data. They have implemented a lot of helping process to benefit the advertiser to get the best return on spend. "Optimize" is the latest buzz word in social media.

Check out some trends for 2020 below.

  • Content marketing is still the dominant technique
  • Creating engaging visual content will be the top priority
  • Social media posts with images will still perform better than posts without images
  • Lead management funnel will bring more sales than website without the right CTA and Lead scoring process
  • The demand for interactive and Voice content will increase
  • Optimize your advertisement spend by following the best practices
  • Lead Funnel is your friend. Using lead scoring process, automate and optimize your lead management process